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Research shows acts of kindness can make your life happier. There are many ways you can contribute to our causes, besides donating glasses:

1. Make a financial contribution. One easy way to do so is via PayPal.

2. Do your online shopping through Cashback Planet (most likely you'll even save money.)
Live Happy, Get Cashback

3. If you have unused foreign currency from your international trip, donate it through our site.


Lion's Certified
Collection Centers also collect
Used Hearing Aids,

Laser and Inkjet

Unused Aids Drugs, and Cell Phones.


They’re not hip or modern,

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fancy or fashionable.

Eyeglass frame round face

They no longer fit your prescription,

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Or your style.

  Black eyeglass frame style

But for one person

living in a developing country, these used

 eyeglasses will put the world in focus. Maybe for the very first time.  

Don’t throw away someone’s chance for a clearer tomorrow. 

Donate your used prescription eyeglasses. You get a tax deduction,  

and someone in the world gets to see again. You can help more people 

by including a few dollars with your contribution.  We also need

 non-prescription sunglasses, including clip-ons.  

There is a international network of donation locations and Lion's Clubs.  

They are ready to take you donations and help people in need in 

your community. For more information, contact

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Great News! We are now accepting donation by mails again. Mail your used eyeglasses and other donations to:

Lions Certified Collection Center
P.O. Box H
Daly City,  CA  94017-0667

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Lion's Certified Collection Centers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Someone you know need help?
Find a Lion's club near you, worldwide

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Other Important Organizations You Can Help:

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